Why You’ve Been So Sensitive Lately – Crystal-Inspired Angel Message

Dead-On Truth About Death

There is so much misunderstanding about death. This shouldn’t be because the Bible is so clear on the subject.

Reemergence of African Spirituality As a Healing Module

Africans in America have a unique point of reference that governs their awareness of the world. They carry within them the DNA of a people who were responsible for the birth of the human race and the knowledge that exists within it.

Spirituality – Should You Be Doing Some Clean Up In Your Spiritual Life?

Why do you spend so much time cleaning up the things in your physical life and neglect your spiritual life? Discover the power of making your spiritual life sparkle!

The Christian C’Mon Man’s

Some things that Christians do that make you say “c’mon man.” A creative way to learn Christian principals and how to apply them in your life.

Greek Economic Crisis: Some Spiritual Reasons

This is a layout of my thoughts about the economic crisis, which has begun as a Greek debt crisis, but seems to be spreading. This is not written from an intellectual distant viewing. It has come, during my meditative attempts to find spiritual meaning and solutions, to what affects me personally, as a citizen in Athens, and affects others around me. After clearing the mind of the preconceptions and ideas I may have had about it, these are some thoughts that came through:

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