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Finding a Safe Place Within

Good and not-so-good times come and go – like, we have no control over the inception or the passage of these times. But what we can control is what we create and nurture within.

The Three Wise Men – Travellers From The East

The three wise men or Magi as they are known, left their homes in the east and guided by a star, made their way to Bethlehem to find Him that was born King of the Jews. They travelled by night and slept by day, relying only upon the moving star to guide them unerringly to their goal. This had become their greatest quest and the thrill of finding this glorious Person spurred them on.

Joseph and Mary – Privileged Parents

What a delightful couple; bound together by a deep and true love and genuine respect. It was early in their relationship, with marriage in view, that Mary discovered that she was with child. This had come as no surprise, as the angel Gabriel had announced to her some weeks previously that she would be the mother of the Lord Jesus.

If Your Positive Intention Determines Your Well-Being, Then Why Do You Need Healthy Food?

Have you ever wondered why positive intention doesn’t replace the need for healthy food? There are those who insist that they do not wish to be restricted by health food beliefs and practices.

Who Are You Talking to – When You Talk With Yourself?

Well naturally, you’re talking to yourself when you talk with yourself, right? Yes, of course, but who exactly is speaking, and who exactly is listening?

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