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Passion in Worship!

This article is designed to encourage and enrich the reader with a better understanding of singing hymns, traditional and contemporary, in our weekly worship services. The hope is that we will all grow closer to God as we teach and admonish one another in songs, hymns and spiritual songs.

The Power of Effective Prayer

Prayer makes a difference in our lives. It brings a sense of peace. It relieves stress. It focuses the mind. It taps into the supernatural power of God. Though any type or method of prayer can be helpful, there are some principles of prayer in James 5:13-18 that can help us find more spiritual power through increased effectiveness in prayer. This article will look at each verse in that passage and draw some ideas from it that will help our prayers be more effective.

Has My Religion Affected My Job or Has My Job Affected My Religion?

This article is a short assessment of a personal situation in my life. Perhaps my thought provoking assessment can move the reader to encouragement or similar thoughts.

Building a Bible Research Library

Bishop Wallace emphasis the importance for every student of the Bible to build an adequate and effective Bible research library. He provides solid scriptural foundation to support his assertion.

Spiritual Snob

Ascension is about learning to live in our Heart. To see the world and all beings as Love and from Love. When we are coming from our Heart, we are able to see that all is Love. We know that everything is perfect just as it is. We allow others to be who they are, where they are, doing what they are here to do.

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