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Who Said Faith Was Easy?

There is a saying “jump and the net will appear”. Yes, that takes a lot of faith, doesn’t it? You’re probably thinking, “If only it were that easy, I would have jumped years ago.” Well, those years have passed, and so too have opportunities and experiences that you won’t be able to get back. Stop that cycle right now.

Bible Salvation – Sure Way To Eternal Life

God’s salvation involves total deliverance of an individual from eternal damnation in hell, preservation from dangers, physical well-being and provision of life’s necessities. Bible salvation brings a person from a life of chaos, hopelessness, lack of peace to a state of stability, confidence and absolute tranquility. Millions of people if not billions, are really seeking for God’s salvation but don’t know it as they try so many avenues to find life’s fulfillment. In many cases they have no knowledge of how to obtain the salvation that have already been purchased for us by the blood of Jesus Christ. Let’s delve briefly into the understanding of this subject to better appreciate the experience.

Prayers for Open Doors, and Open Heaven

Aggressively pray your way to open doors. You can pray the doors of heaven open for divine favors, prosperity, peace, health, business success and good relationships. Pray the flood gates of heaven open and experience open doors and divine victories. As it rains, the land will yield her increase for your turnaround, breakopen, breakout and breakthrough. Decree and declare these anointed prayer bullets if heaven is brass and the land of success is iron.

The New Commandments

Join the debate in formulating a new set of Commandments. This article offers seven such suggestions for a better life. Take them for a test drive and you be the judge.

Sermon On The Mount-Eight Precepts For Living

Jesus in his humanity was a unique, powerful and authoritative teacher, whose words resonated in the hearts and minds of his audience. Sermon on the Mount was his launching speech to a culture that was extolling their traditions above God’s commandments. During this era the Roman Empire was very corrupt, idolatrous and spiritually bankrupt. The precepts outlined in this sermon are filled with inexhaustible truths that demands in-depth study, understanding and obedience. The eight precepts for living are discussed here below:

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