Your Cosmic Update for May 24-20 | Astrology & Numerology Forecast

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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Crown Chakra Meditation Exercise

The crown chakra is our seventh chakra in the kundalini system. This chakra is placed at the top of our head and is our connection to the Divine, our Higher Self and our intuition, and it is therefore the most spiritual connected chakra we have, compared to the root, which is mostly connected to the earth and nature. The colour that is connected with this area is either purple or a bright white light.

The – I’M A Good Person – Test

Do you consider yourself a good person? Most people do. Well, take this test and find out how good you really are!

The Coming of the Age

“Consciousness is the key. Consciousness is the sanctuary. Is rapture a noun or a verb? And is the same true with ascension? Or perhaps both?”

Spirituality – 4 Simple Steps to Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

As you deepen your spiritual connection it affects all other areas of your life in a positive way. You become more at peace with yourself and those around. You feel more joy and become more energized. You begin to change your perspective on things that once bothered you a lot and that shift in thinking changes your experience.

Anatta “Not Self”

The Buddha explained that there is no personality as self or soul. What we experience as self is an illusion, imaginary mental projection, a false belief and non reality. The sense of self only seems solid, but this is in fact an illusion. The true nature is something else entirely. The man attains enlightenment only when he overcomes the delusion of self

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