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3 Things You Can Try to Find Inner Peace

Getting to know God is sort of like my adventure in finding my wife. I had to spend time with her and discover her good qualities and character. In order to develop a relationship with God you need to realize several things about the character of God. Read the rest of the story.

The Spiritual Journey for Catholics

What is the goal of your life? Do you know? And if you know, do you know how to get there, and are you making progress every day? Here’s a big picture view of the spiritual journey for Catholics…

Redefining The Nature of Source For A New World

Many people are looking at the world we live in today and are asking questions like: Why is the world the shape that it’s in? How did we get here? Why is there such conflict between people of certain faiths and Religions dividing us when our faiths are supposed to bring us together? It seems pretty obvious that we have missed something when defining The Source. Perhaps it would be helpful to redefine the nature and characteristics of The Source of all things in a way that helps to create the world which we say we truly want.

The Wall Street Movement – What’s Really Behind It

I had been hearing the rumors for decades. When the planes flew into the twin towers, I wasn’t surprised, and yet, I stared at the TV in horror and disbelief. It was hard to believe what I was seeing. It was as if someone was playing a cruel joke; a sick social experiment, manipulating the public by use of modern technology to distort and alter digital images and inducing panic, similar to, and a modern day version of, Orson Welles’ War of Worlds. But this was no joke. It was not a hoax. It was real. These buildings, almost sacred monuments, smoking, on fire and still standing at the time, were real, real people were trapped inside of them. And this was happening live, in real time, right in front of my eyes, in the eyes of millions of others, and it was happening in New York City! In America!

Advent Wreath Traditions

Advent Wreaths is a tradition worth keeping. Lighting the Advent Wreath is a lasting tradition with the brightly burning candles which many become fond of.

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