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How to Be Saved and Live For Christ: A Simple 4-Part Plan

Being saved from death and cleansed of your sins is not only the most important decision you can ever make, it’s one of the simplest things in life to do. Here’s a simple 4-part plan to receive salvation and begin living for Christ today…

How God Uses Failure to Grow You in Your Faith

I have been speaking for over 30 years-preaching, teaching, leading seminars-and yet there are still times when I walk away from a speaking engagement feeling like I have failed. There was no energy in the room, I felt like I was not connecting with the listeners, and I wondered if anyone got anything out of the message.

How To Overcome Your Unwillingness To Forgive

When we are having difficulty forgiving others, we focus on our blessings and on being grateful for what we have in our lives despite what has been done to us. This can take the sting out of any offense and make it easier for us to let go of our resentments in order to forgive.

How Do I Access My Own Truth?

How do you access your own truth, in a world that offers you many contradictory choices? How can you know what is real? Where is the truth that you seek? Learn to trust your own deeply felt truth.

Why Does the Church of Scientology Call Itself a Religion?

It may confuse some people as to why the Church of Scientology refers to itself as a religion. Here we discuss why the are called a Church as well as the two types of religion that exists in the world today.

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