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Numerology 10: The Path of Living 10

Numerology 10 owes its origins to the number 1 (which is aligned with the sun) and with the number 0 (a very powerful number in Numerology). Both numbers are incredibly rare.

Numerology 7: The Path of Living 7

As a person on the Numerology 7 Life Path, you are, by nature, a seeker of truth. You are firmly rooted into spirituality and are compelled into the investigations of the unknown. You want to seek out and find answers to all the questions of life.

Church Denominations Influence Us More Than the Gospel Truth – What the Bible Says Is True

We have so many opinions, theories and theologies today that we often don’t have a clue what God is really saying. We believe whatever sounds best to us. And today we have so many churches and denominations that seeing a list of them can cause insanity. This effects our thinking about the cross, end times and everything else. We must learn to listen to God alone, as Hebrews says three times.

Active Men in Ministry, What Can You Do?

As the leader of the Men in Ministry in your local church, there are many things that you can do. The question always is, where do I start or what can I do to impact the men’s lives to free them to carry out The Great Commission?

Moses’ Leadership Rule

In the Bible, the Godly leaders do not form leadership committees. They hear from God and deliver the message. Here I will draw on Moses, who never led anything but sheep and now was placed in the position to lead about 800,000 out of Egypt, then in the dessert for 40 years.

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