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Find Answers From Within – How To Follow Your Gut Feelings

Finding answers from within you is the sure path to true and lasting joy. The trick is that many people are so bogged down with taking care of daily matters that they feel as if they don’t have the time to pay attention to feelings within themselves.

Angels – Angel Hvare Khshaeta Will Help You Step Into The Light

The words, Let There Be Light, is so much more than a simple phrase. All creatures, all living things grow, expand and reach for the light. Each time you reach within finding the courage and the strength to move beyond all that is now behind you, you step into the light.

Hear Esoteric Truth From An Authority Or Lose Your Spiritual Life!

I’ve noticed in many of my videos that some people get upset when I make the point that it’s important to study spiritual science from AUTHORIZED sources. When I say authority, I am saying that this spiritual science has descended from either a bonafide representative of Godhead such as Vedavyasa, Lord Buddha, Adi Shankaracharya, Yeshua aka Jesus, Lao Tze, or other such prolific sage. These sages were so intimately united in Yoga that they were absorbed within the ultimate reality of the non-dual person.

The Trinitarian Blessing

Trinity is the name of our God – Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The Trinitarian blessing is the fullness of knowing all Three-in-One: the grace of the Son; the love of the Father; and the intimate fellowship of the Holy Spirit. By One we are known; by Three we are saved.

Spiritual View Of Passion, It’s Safety Or Danger

From a spiritual point of view, in order to achieve personal growth, you must have a passionate desire for enlightenment that is completely selfless. If your passion has anything to do with you, then certainly you can succeed in your goals, but there will be negative effects from having desires. For the goal to be spiritual, you must remove yourself first.

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